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After living in the city for a long time, do you miss the countryside? Idle life breaking away from the world, and living the farmer's life is a thought for many people in the city. Since it can't be done in reality, let's experience it in the video game world. The best way to experience this is in Farm Manager 2021.

This is the latest game in the farm simulation series. This is a yearly game, so expect to see a new one in 2022 with new content being added. It is a true simulation of life on the farm. You can control multiple machines to grow vegetables, harvest and sell them by yourself. Brand-new equipment is waiting for you as this game incorporates rich elements such as strategy, simulation, construction, and so on. In the game, the player will play the role of a farm manager (hence the name). You need to raise various animals on the farm, grow various crops, and change your plan according to changes in the weather, expanding the scale of your farm in the process.

In Farm Manager 2021, you need to ensure that harvest, employee satisfaction, animal health, equipment efficiency, and crop processing are at the appropriate level. You can either buy new land or use materials from abandoned buildings to expand your farm. Employee management just got easier thanks to a new, more intuitive interface. This new feature allows you to see the most important aspects of your farm much easier.

And with that, you'll discover even more types of plants to grow, including organic variants! Grow parsley, carrots, blackcurrants, currants, onions, and more and watch them grow. A brand-new mechanic allows you to automate farmland management with available staff and a wide variety of machinery at your disposal while working on other parts of the farm.

Just like a real farm, you need to control the process of cultivating the land, choose the best workers, buy the most suitable agricultural equipment, raise livestock, and handle the harvested crops. Various view modes let you experience the farm from many different angles. Dealing with the effects of changing weather and seasons, such as building greenhouses to help sell crops in early spring. Buy new or used agricultural machinery to quickly harvest and sell crops before the end of their shelf life. Hiring part time workers during the harvest season can help you save money. Accept challenges from your neighbors to prove who is the strongest farmer in your area!

There are 3 different game modes in Farm Manager 2021. A story mode, 15 scenario missions, and a free mode. The Story Mode takes you through all the important aspects of the game and lets you learn how to properly manage your farm. Scenarios tell you how to handle specific situations and tasks. In free mode, you can move freely to complete your missions and contracts.

Bored of farming wheat? Then why not build an orchard with apples, strawberries, or cucumbers. In Farm Manager 2021, you can do it all because you can grow 20 different crops manually or mechanically, each with a specific shelf life. Don't forget to nurture and prepare the land before you plant your seedlings, watch your plants go from tiny stalks to when they start flowering and then begin harvesting them. Don't forget to irrigate during dry periods. If crops are not well cared for, they can get sick, lose their quality, or eventually die.

In the machinery market, you can buy new or used agricultural machinery. You can choose from nearly 40 different equipment types. Don't forget that cheaper used machinery is more prone to damage, especially by inexperienced workers. Before buying your first batch of farm equipment, you should build a garage to ensure there is a place to park them.

A real farm has more than just farmland. You can choose from over 40 buildings, from farmhouses to barns to processing plants and factories. Will it affect your harvest? Is it time to invest in a factory? Build a professional factory to process the produce you raised. Produce juices and freeze meals. Are you producing too much sheep, goat, or cow's milk? Why not try your hand and making cheese.

If harvesting crops isn't enough for you, Farm Manager 2021 lets you breed animals. Starting with small animals like rabbits and chickens you can also breed goats, cows and even bees. Be sure to remember to give them enough food and a knowledgeable caregiver. Raise newly bought animals until they start to lay eggs and produce milk. Honey requires rapeseed, so plant corresponding seeds nearby. You also have to call the veterinarian when an animal gets sick and the insemination staff if you want your livestock to breed.

You'll also have to battle various weather conditions, such as droughts or torrential rain, and race against time when the first frost approaches. The scenery itself is beautiful as you watch rainbows appear during the rainy season or when you watch the shadows elongate during the sunset. You can enter photo mode at any time to take a photo of your beautiful farm in autumn or during an incredible thunderstorm.

Prepare fields in spring, care for plants in summer, harvest crops in fall, and grow plants in greenhouses in winter. Weather can be hazardous to your farm. Heavy rain and hail can affect crops, while storms can cause fires that can destroy your buildings.

If you have ever wanted to experience the farming lifestyle, this is easily the game for you. I believe you can definitely become the strongest farmer that everyone envies!

Farm Manager 2021


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