5 Best Tower Defense Games for Android and iOS

Edited by Editorial Team2022-02-04

Tower defense (TD) game is one type of the real-time strategy games. The difference from traditional RTS games is that you don’t need to take the initiative to attack tower defense games, as long as you build them at a specific location and at a suitable time. Make a suitable defensive building, and then resist the enemy’s attack. The characteristic of this type of game is that the number and intensity of the enemy’s attack will gradually increase over time. The tower defense game "They Are" launched before the end game Billions brought us a magnificent zombie defense battle.

So today we recommend five different styles of tower defense mobile games for players. If you are a fan of tower defense games, then you must not miss these five games.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is the sequel to "Plants vs. Zombies", in this game, you will travel with Crazy Dave in different eras and epochs, together with new plant partners, defend against zombies of different eras.

In this work, not only the classic gameplay and the plants we know well are continued, but the elements of time and space travel also bring more novel gameplay to this game. This background element not only greatly expands the richness of plants and zombies, but also brings a different sense of freshness to players.

It is worth mentioning that in this game, there is not only a traditional single player mode, but also a PVP mode. In this mode, players need to cultivate zombies by themselves, and then use different zombies to attack levels, and get corresponding rewards at the end of the season. So if you are a loyal player of Plants vs. Zombies, you must not miss is sequel.

Plants VS Zombie 2

Swamp Attack

This is a shooting tower defense game. Unlike other idle tower defense games, you don’t have too many helpers in this game. All you have is the firearms in your hand. Use these firearms to resist. Swamp creatures invade your house.

This game is characterized by its simple game mode. Compared with other tower defense games, this game is more like a casual game. However, although the gameplay of this game is simple, it does not mean that this game is a game. Bad choice. The fun gameplay and simple operation make this game even if there are few game elements, but it will not lack fun at all. Moreover, his gameplay is simple, and the average duration of a game is shorter than other tower defense games, which is suitable for players to play anytime, anywhere. If you are tired of traditional tower defense games and want to experience the simple and crude and primitive happiness, then you must try this game.

Swamp Attack


Arknights is a monster-themed strategy tower defense mobile game. The overall style of the game is based on the two-dimensional element, and the game mode is the traditional idle tower defense mode. The popularity of this game in Asia is the highest in the world. There is hardly any game of the same theme that is more popular than Arknights. The exquisite character drawing in the game attracts many people. The ingenious level design has also greatly improved the game experience.

Like other card-drawing mobile games, in this game, card-drawing is definitely an exciting thing. Although in this matter it is often a few happy and the other worrying, but this does not stop the enthusiasm of the players to draw cards, and it will also increase the happiness when you draw the characters.

In addition, this game is also unique in that it has a unique world view of the story, which allows players to understand the background of the game while playing the game, enhance the player’s sense of substitution and immersion, and cooperate with the exquisite CG. Ji Li-e narrates the story, which makes people love it! If you want to understand the charm of Arknights, you might as well download one to find out!


Bloons TD Battles

Bloons TD Battles is a combat tower defense game. Before the game starts, you can choose three different monkey shooters to defend your battle. After the game starts, you will use your chosen three shooters to defend the line and avoid being broken by balloons. And when the player is defending his position, he can also attack the opponent's line of defense by buying balloons.

In addition to the battle mode, the game also has a traditional defense mode. Players can match different card groups to play the power of different cards. There are also some development elements in the game. Players can improve their team by adding points with different skills, and they can also unlock new characters and levels through the currency in the game. If you want to try some different tower defense games, then you must not miss this game.

Bloons TD Battles

Bloons Adventure Time TD

Bloons Adventure Time TD is a traditional strategy-based tower defense game. The overall picture of the game is dominated by cartoons, because you can guess that the game is a joint game with Adventure Time by looking at the name.

The levels of the game are divided into difficulty levels, which also meets the needs of some players for the difficulty of the game. At the same time, the most distinctive point of the game is that not only there are many characters to choose and use in the game, but each character can also wear different props and equipment, which not only greatly improves the fun and diversity of the game, but also in disguise. Increase the difficulty of the level, because different characters with different equipment will have different effects, so players need to find the best solution in these combinations.

The overall pace of the game is relatively slow and suitable for casual players. Although there are options for acceleration in the game, the next game in the hard mode will take at least 15-20 minutes.

So you must not miss this game if you are a big fan of Adventure Time animation and like tower defense games.

Bloons Adventure Time TD


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