BEST ARPG Games For Mobile in 2022

Edited by Editorial Team2022-03-17

Games can feel like short vacations. They briefly take us on a journey through various locations yet give us beautiful memories.


Undoubtedly, one of the greatest arts of this century, video games have constructed countless worlds full of possibilities for us, and have also changed people’s perception of time and space. In today’s world, when a thing is rich and unique In terms of expressiveness, just how the expression is portrayed defines what is and isn’t an art form. And just like all forms of art have their own genres, so do video games, with ARPGs being potentially the most expressive.


When it comes to ARPGs, I believe there are many memories flashing in everyone's mind. Maybe it’s Assassin's Creed which used the leap of faith to assassinate the enemy on the church of Notre Dame de Paris, or Arthur who lit his cigar with the heat from the barrel of his gun in Red Dead Redemption, or perhaps witnessing the gray-haired demon hunter Geralt draw his silver sword and fight multiple monsters. These classic images are frozen in the minds of countless players, just like a bottle of old wine, becoming more fragrant over time.


With the change of times, mobile phones have gradually become an important carrier of ARPG games, but it does not prevent us from swimming in the fantastical virtual oceans. Today, I will be recommending five premium ARPG mobile games, which I believe will give you a new world to get absorbed into.

Genshin Impact

Taking place in a beautiful world called Teyvat, you will experience the seven magical elements in their truest form. Whether it be traversing through the lush forests, climbing hardy mountains, feeling the breeze on your cheek or becoming one with each wave, there is so much in this world that will attract players.


As a role-playing game, Mihoyo, the developers of Genshin Impact (Yuanshen), have created a vast fantasy world for us. Here, those chosen by God will become travelers, and will encounter all kinds of people with different personalities and unique abilities on their adventure. You will work with them to defeat powerful enemies and learn their stories along the way. The more you learn from your new companions, the more secrets you’ll uncover about this world.


In Teyvat, the world structure and urban architecture are like intertwined paintings of different genres. When I first set my eyes on this landscape, I was attracted by its unique layout. The impressive amount of gameplay mechanics added to this intrigue as you need to make use of all available abilities to solve puzzles, master combat and explore the many different environments.. The high degree of freedom allows our imagination to run wild with excitement. Climbing, swimming and even flying will be the main ways we explore this world.


Genshin Impact is an incredibly deep game already yet it is constantly being updated, giving players more and more reasons to lose themselves in this already impressively beautiful world.


Every innovation means a new challenge. Just like the game "Eternium", from paying tribute to classics to becoming a classic in it’s own right, it exemplifies the nostalgia and playability of action RPG games. Different from other ARPG mobile games, Eternium innovatively uses a touch-to-move and slide-to-cast control system. Players will draw corresponding marks to cast spells, making us feel like the magicians at Hogwarts. Let the magic flow from your fingertips. This mechanic helps give players that nostalgic feeling of when they felt that anything was possible.


It is also worth noting that Eternium is free to play however it does not have any forced microtransactions. Gems are the main currency in the game and can also be obtained by destroying enemies and completing tasks, instead of being purchasable only. There is also no limit to stamina and energy. As the developers so plainly put it, Players will earn their way through hard work instead of being forced to stop and recharge.


From mysterious forests to dead villages, terrible cemeteries and gloomy castles. The rich story content allows us to walk every step in anticipation of what is to come next.Abilities and equipment will also be gradually improved through continuous exploration. Those looking for a classic feeling ARPG will want to try this game.

Anima: The Reign of Darkness

Do you remember the days when you fought side by side with your companions when exploring a dungeon? As a dark-style ARPG mobile game, Anima once again interprets the charm of companionship within this gloomy setting. The beautifully gritty graphics coupled with a mysterious world give players plenty to enjoy visually while also providing plenty to explore and many challenges to overcome. In the game, the hero has a distinctive personality and unique talent. Due to it’s open world nature, exploration is a common component throughout the game. Anima uses an interesting way to tell it’s story, giving players something to look forward to as the game progresses. The game opts to avoid using static images to tell it’s story, giving us a much more dynamic and immersive experience within this dark and fantastical world.


Compared with other ARPGs, Anima has fast paced battles and an intriguingly dark atmosphere, making it stand out from the usual mobile gaming cliches.The gameplay itself is simple yet effective so for RPG players who love the dark style, Anima is definitely a masterpiece that should not be missed.

Zenonia 5

When mankind's peace and harmony is interrupted by chaos, who will stand up and fight to return peace to this world once again?


Zenonia 5 improves greatly from the previous games in the series. We play as a legendary hero in this game and witness not only his growth, but also watch them uncover the mystery of the kingdom shrouded in darkness. The game has four hero classes, Berserker, Mechanic, Wizard and Paladin. Each class has unique abilities and special moves. We will go deep into the mysterious Deva Castle using every single skill and new weapon we find along the way. It is worth mentioning that in Zenonia 5 each character has a different main storyline, and the game will unlock hidden quests as the players progress. As an ARPG game, Zenonia 5 builds upon the classic ARPG formula to give players something a little different to experience.

Pascal's Wager

When the real world is shrouded in darkness,everyone is alone.

If there is an ARPG mobile game that can make me play it for multiple hours in one go, then Pascal’s Wager is definitely one of them. When I started playing this game for the first time, its level of detail made me feel like I was playing a AAA console game.Unlike some of the other games I have discussed, this game abandons the traditional production concepts of mobile games in the past and creates an extremely large and unique experience. The gothic style graphics and the fully voiced storyline should tell you that a lot of care and attention has been put into this game.


The setting of this game takes place in a world full of struggles in the Dark Era. As the story progresses, we see that the fate of both the weak and the strong has the same ending. This game is definitely for the hardcore gamer, players control one of 4 characters and they will die alot getting increasingly frustrated. The traditional ARPG elements like Skill Trees, obtaining loot and exploration are at their mobile gaming best in this game.


Constant battles in which the player’s skills are put to the test, give each victory extra meaning. Pascal’s Wager is not for the faint of heart and you will need to try again and again but it is incredibly satisfying when you succeed and you’ll soon find your combat skills turning into an almost dance-like routine of dodging and attacking. This game is easily the most rewarding if you are willing to put in the effort of learning it’s mechanics.



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