The Best Music Rhythm Games for Andriod and iOS

Edited by Editorial Team2021-11-30

As mobile games are becoming more and more popular today, there will still be many people who are unable to find truly fun games. It may be difficult to imagine that the most downloaded category of mobile games is not shooting or strategy games. It's actually the casual genre, and within this genre music games are the easiest and most fun-filled of the bunch. As the name suggests, a music game is a game that combines music and gameplay. It usually requires players to make specific actions in time with the music and rhythm. We can regard the behavior of people playing musical instruments as an advanced version of music games, and the latter makes it easier for ordinary people to participate in music and appreciate the fun of music. Music games these days are much more detailed than even 10 years ago. Most of these games include a story, ways to progress and compete with other players. The greatest part however is how easy to play these games are, giving them a broader appeal for all different types of people the chance to play games with each other.So, let’s recommend a few popular music games for everyone today.

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush

Tiles Hop is a vertical screen music game published by Amanotes. The game's music library contains more than 2,000 songs, covering almost all types of popular songs, and it maintains weekly updates adding even more content. At the beginning of the game, players need to choose their favorite genre, with a tutorial being provided by a dancing monkey The gameplay is very simple. Players only need one finger to hold down the screen and drag left or right to let the ball fall to the center of the platform. What may seem simple at first will soon turn into a challenge. Some fast-paced tracks test the player's reaction speed, and the sudden traps may disrupt your rhythm and eventually lead to you failing the challenge. The game has some interesting designs. The number of platforms will increase or decrease according to the speed of the song, with the positions of the platforms changing based on the arrangement of the song. When entering the chorus, part of the platform will change color, enhancing the atmosphere. You can subscribe to get 100 diamonds per day and an ad-free gaming experience.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a rhythm parkour game developed by Swedish developer Robert Topala. Released on iOS and Android in August 2013, it is loved by many players and even topped the Canadian game sales list in 2014. What you need to understand is that in this game, rhythm and timing are the core elements. What the player has to do is to use one finger to tap anywhere on the screen to control the character as they move through traps, obstacles, and even changes in terrain, until they finally reach the end. Sounds simple right? However you will soon discover that the game is not as easy as it seems. The later difficulty stages will have players getting infuriated at themselves as they try to progress through each stage. Even though this game can be extremely difficult it is still highly replayable. In addition to having all kinds of beautiful music from multiple genres, the game also has cool graphics, and the characters are cute while taking on the form of different objects such as airplanes, UFOs, cubes, mechas, etc. When making a difficult game the most important thing is to make it stylish, which this game does incredibly well. This amazing game makes people have the urge to continue to challenge themselves even if they know they will fail.


This is a popular casual music game. Different from general music rhythm games, this game has two special features. One is that the player has the feeling of creating music instead of being led by the nose when playing. The second is that the game does not require players to react quickly in real time, instead you make decisions after calm thinking. The core mechanic of rhythm to music gameplay is still intact. When playing the game, you will see different shapes moving on lines in a pattern. These patterns are the different arrangements of the song. Players add preset music loops to the baseline of the song, creating their own rhythm. As long as the timing is correct and there are no collisions within the song the level will be completed otherwise it will cause the song to crash. The game has hundreds of levels, moderate difficulty, beautiful melodies, harmonious rhythm, and the joy of completing each song will make players love it.

Rolling Sky

A 3D vertical screen music parkour game developed by Cheetah mobile. To play the game you press and hold the screen and slide left and right to move the ball to prevent it from hitting obstacles or falling off the edge. This is another easy to play, hard to master style game. Early stages are easily completed but later stages will test your skills. Each stage is simplistic but has an appealing design making players avoid traps and obstacles yet still want to look at the different scenery in each stage. The most distinctive feature of the game is the levels are designed around a theme. For example, in the Winter level, snowflakes are floating in the sky, and elements such as Christmas trees and snowmen are set in the background. For a Halloween event they have added things such as bats, jack-o-lanterns, witches and ghosts. Some players even use these elements in the game to create some self-made levels, which greatly increases the playability of the game.

Dancing Road: Colour Ball Run!

This is another vertical screen music game published by Amanotes, but it is more like a parkour game. The player needs to slide their finger to control the ball to move laterally on three different paths, trying to hit balls of the same color as the player, and avoid any balls which are a different color. This is the basis of the game but there are other twists added in too. For example, when passing through the color-changing areas, the ball you control also changes color, so the targets you must hit and avoid will also change. This is where novices are most likely to fail. If you are familiar with the background music, you will gain a lot of advantages. This has similarities to following a sheet of music which you are familiar with.. So what about players who are not familiar with music? Here is a helpful tip, think of controlling the ball like you would drive a car, looking ahead instead of at the ball itself. Knowing the song or track will give you a much higher chance of completing each stage. Generally speaking, the difficulty of this game is moderate, and it is easier for people to relax while playing this game.


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